Yoshiharu Ramen have been recently featured on “75 Best Places to Eat” Magazine 2017 Edition by Award Winning Food Critic, Brad A. Johnson and also featured in numerous articles as the No.1 Ramen Noodle Place by the largest local newspaper in Orange County, “Top Ramen Noodle Places to Eat in O.C.!” By The O.C. Register. In addition, we have been featured by the widely popular Universities blog “Top 50 Places to Eat in O.C. Before You Die” By Spoon University.  And “Orange - Eat Like a Local” By Travel Magazine.

One of Orange County’s Best Ramen Shops Opens in West Hollywood This Week

Ramenheads, rejoice because Yoshiharu Ramen is celebrating its grand opening in West Hollywood on June 3 with 50% off bowls all day. Located just down the street from Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP, the sleek new ramen shop on Santa Monica Blvd should be a welcome dining upgrade for the neighborhood.

Yoshiharu Ramen’s first location in Orange gained acclaim from local outlets that praised its MSG-free tonkotsu broth and chasu pork. Yoshiharu is quickly building on it success, opening a second outlet in Buena Park before the West Hollywood opening later this month.

Yoshiharu West Hollywood will soft open on Thursday, May 18, with the grand opening deal being held from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. on June 3.

Yoshiharu Ramen
8908 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood

Award Winning Food Critic, Brad A. Johnson's "75 Best Places to Eat"

Yoshiharu Ramen is so thrilled to be featured on Brad A Johnson's "75 Best Places to Eat" 2017 Edition by O.C Register! 
"If you haven't yet discovered Yoshiharu Ramen in Orange, it's time that you did. The restaurant opened last year and immediately shot to the top of Orange County's fiercely competitive ramen noodle scene, serving a beguilling black-garlic tonkotsu topped with decadent chashu pork." - Brad A Johnson, Award Winning Food Critic.

Travel Magazine “Orange Eat Like a Local”

Article: Enormous portions of rich ramen broth await at another nondescript location along Tustin. Yoshiharu Ramen (1891 N Tustin St) sticks to its niche for the most part, serving up enormous bowls of Japanese ramen with the meat of your choice—the garlicky Tonkotsu black pork is especially delicious—in a sleek interior that seems to reflect the neon glow of a busy Tokyo street. Take some of your ramen to go, if only to leave room for the surprisingly delicious novelty of the Yoshiharu burger with slabs of ramen in the place of buns.

Travel Magazine: http://www.travelmag.com/articles/orange-like-a-local/

OC Register “These are the top 10 ramen noodle places in Orange County”

This indy noodle shop opened in January and serves an ultra-creamy tonkotsu (pork-bone) broth that is boiled for 10 hours. My favorite selection here is the tonkotsu black, which gets its color and intense flavor from a heavy glug of black garlic oil. The chashu (braised pork belly) is superb, so you might want to order extra meat.

OC Register: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/ramen-734883-pork-broth.html

Spoon University “50 Places to Eat in Orange County Before You Die”

Ramen is one of those foods that really never gets old. Yoshiharu Ramen embodies the principles of quick and quality service, serving their noodles fast to eager and hungry patrons. All your favorite traditional ramens are here, like the spicy miso ramen and shoyu ramen.

Spoon University: http://spoonuniversity.com/place/50-places-to-eat-in-orange-county-before-you-die

Oishii-desu “Top 10 Best Ramen Spots in Orange County”

Jay Leno is known for his matching denim jeans, denim shirt, and probably denim socks outfits. An ensemble that reminds me of the bowls and other containers at Yoshiharu because they all have the same matching look which is a speckled pattern that doesn’t necessarily allow the ramen to pop. Luckily they have a new black bowl that gives a little more contrast, and now the ramen looks a little less like the dudes from Duck Dynasty with their camouflaged bowls, gyoza plate, and salt and pepper shakers. Overall, including the dinnerware, this is one of the bigger more modern looking spots which reminds me a lot of the places in Korea (with the blue neon lighting).The broth is a decent one. It’s on the assari (lite) side which compliments the thin noodles and wakame and menma.

Type of ramen offered: tonkotsu, tonkotsu spicy miso, tonkotsu miso, tonkotsu black, vegetable, and cold ramen.
Address: 1891 N. Tustin St., Orange, 714-998-1940

Oishii-Desu: https://oishii-desu.com/2016/11/16/the-top-10-best-ramen-spots-in-orange-county-2016/